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    Intel Rapid Storage Technology 3tb Drives Aren't Available to Create Raid Volume


      I have two 3tb drives that I would like to setup in a RAID configuration as storage.


      My motherboard is an Asus P5Q Deluxe P45/ICH10R


      Operating system is Windows 7 64-bit.


      When I first built this computer probably over seven years ago now, I had setup Intel Matrix Storage Manager which shows up during boot (CTRL-I to access)  This shows the drives as 746.5gb each so I can't use this to create the raid volume.


      Once in Windows, both drives show up in disk management as full size (about 2795gb each) since I initialized them as GPT.  When I go to Intel Rapid Storage Technology, the drives also show up there as full size.  Ok so far so good.  However if I try to create a raid volume through Intel Rapid Storage Technology, I cannot select the two 3tb HDD's.  The only options I have are my SSD which windows is installed on, and another separate 1tb storage drive.  The 3tb drives just don't show up at all.  I tried this using three different versions of Intel Rapid Storage Technology (, and the newest and the same thing happens for all three.


      If I go back to disk management through windows, I can create a raid volume there no problem.  However when I do that and go back into Intel Rapid Storage Technology, it doesn't show the drives as being in a raid configuration, they are still shown as separate drives.


      Is there any reason this is happening?  Is my motherboard just a little goofy when it comes to 3tb drives?  I would just leave it as is with the raid volume setup through disk management, but this seems to make my SSD act sluggish at times.  I have no idea if this is related, but it seems to be.


      Since I am using this in a raid 0 setup (I have everything backed up elsewhere) should I just not even mess with all the hassle, and just set these up as two separate basic volumes?  I could do that I guess, but I would like to know what is causing this if possible.


      Any help is appreciated.

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          Starting Intel® 3 Series Chipsets all recent models support disks over 2TB for data/storage, including ICH10R. So, I believe this should work unless they are boot drives, which is only supported after Intel® 6 Series Chipsets.

          You may continue using Intel® Rapid Storage Technology v 11.7 since version is not supported for your chipset.

          Please verify the drives are connected to the Intel® Chipset (and not to a third party SATA controller) and you may check with the ASUS* if there is an update for the RAID option ROM included in new BIOS release.