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    Hi can anyone help me to identifi this bga intel cpu please


      as the title says .I'm trying to identify the Intel bga cpu belonging to a laptop. i have tried Toshiba but to no avail the motherboard is out of the machine. it does not power up

      I have tried Google some say it a 1.8ghz and others say it a 2.13ghz

      I need an accurate description

      there no numbers on the top of the silver part of the cpu

      there is numbers on board what the silver bit lives on

      here are the numbers

      i (m)( c )12 q342b253

      g64490 01  pd6




      that all there is. that all i have to go on

      i have no idea of the model number of the laptop all i know that it a Toshiba

      but as i said i need the full cpu info

      many thanks regards James