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    9V battery not powering Edison mini breakout board (J21)


      Hi guys,


      This is my set-up for using Edison as a USB host.

      2015-02-25 18.46.51.jpg

      2015-02-25 18.46.40.jpg


      Problem: The 9V battery connected to J21 isn't enough to power-on my edison. It keeps turning on and off.

      I tried 3 new batteries and they are all the same. Using a multi-meter, I verified that the battery before connecting was in fact sending out 9V. However, once I plug the battery to J21, the voltage constantly swings anywhere from 6.5-7.5V.



      Anyone else experiencing this? or know a fix? (could it be a faulty BQ24074 power management chip?)




      Thanks in advance,