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    ADXL345 via i2C - anybody have it working?


      I've posted this issues on a different thread, but have never gotten a response:


      I'm also having problems running an ADXL345 accelerometer (Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±16g))  on an Edison.


      I'm using the accelerometer attached to the Grove base shield.  If I run a sketch (using Edison specific Arduino 1.5.3) - I can see results in my serial port, but all values are 0'd out.

      As a test, I put the same shield on an Arduino Uno - and it runs fine with any version of the Arduino IDE.


      I've tried the flash suggestion in the "correct answer" using a link to script to run via github (edouardrosset/Edison · GitHub) but that doesn't work for me.


      Any ideas?

      Why wouldn't a sensor work on the Edision when it does on a plain vanilla Arduino?  I'm also trying to understand issues with using an Edison as a solution.