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    Intel HD Graphics automatically zoomed on television with HDMI


      When a computer with Intel HD Graphics is connected to my bedroom television (LCD 1920x1080p) via HDMI, the Windows display settings are automatically changed to the "Larger" settings. The screenshot below shows the setting I'm referring to, but this is from my regular desktop monitor with the default "smaller" setting selected. Also, when I open Internet Explorer, the zoom level defaults to 175% instead of 100%.




      At first I thought there was something wrong with a new computer I was building, but I noticed that the zoom levels went back to normal when connected to a computer monitor instead of my television. That's when I realized that this must be a built-in feature, but I am wondering what triggers this effect. Is it something in the HDMI signal from the display? My regular computer monitor is also 1920x1080 LCD display, but it is 23 inches compared to my TV's 37 inches.


      I have noticed this feature in effect with a PC running Intel HD Graphics 2500 (i3 Ivy Bridge) as well as Intel HD Graphics 4600 (i5 Haswell). Can anyone explain how this feature works?