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    What am I doing wrong?!?


      Hello guys,

      I broke my 3rd Intel Galileo Gen 2!! What am I doing wrong?? Is there a limit like "you can only upload 5 sketches, then the board will break???"

      I had the "ERROR: C40000002:V3051002 I0 6D33944A-EC75-4855-A54D-809C75241F6C"

      I had this error with 2 1.0.4 and one 1.0.2 verion board. the 1.0.2 is fresh and untouched, the two 1.0.4 were upgraded with the latest arduino IDE for intel, from 1.0.2 to 1.0.4.

      Please help me!! I have no idea what I am doing wrong, because it works for 5 or 6 sketch uploads and then it breaks.

      Should the IOREF jumper be on 5V or on 3.3V?? And where is it supposed to be if a FTDI cable is plugged in to debug?

      Thanks you for your time!