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    Power or voltage meter using onboard PMIC


      Hi all, I've spent a decent amount of time searching for this, but I'm wondering if anyone has found any way to effectively develop a power meter for the Edison?  For example, if we attach a Li-Ion battery, does the PMIC allow us to see the battery's voltage through any kernel calls - like lm_sensors, which is available in most linux distros.  It doesn't appear lm_sensors is included in Yocto, thus I'm wondering if there are any other ways to attain the input voltage from the battery.  Obviously there are complexities in making a meaningful % only using voltage (i.e., non linear voltage decline) but if we had the reading it would be a start.  I also wondered if the TI PMIC chip was accessible via I2C.  That chip should have those values, just not sure if we can access them.


      Thanks for your input!