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    Intel NUC DC3217IYE no video output after bootup


      I have an Intel NUC DC3127IYE with Windows 8.1. I have it attached to a Dell monitor with an HDMI to DVI cable, and it has been working perfectly OK for over a year. I went on vacation for two weeks and when I came back I found that the video signal would not return to the monitor no matter how many keys I pressed or if I moved my mouse. I thought Windows might have frozen or something so I powered it off and back on. Since then I can see video output during the initial boot (initial Intel boot splash screen, prompt to press F2 to enter BIOS, I can even enter BIOS and have video output there just fine, and I even see the "spinning dots" indicating that Windows is loading), but when Windows comes up there's no more signal and the monitor enters into power save mode (as it usually happened after a period of inactivity).


      I went in through a remote desktop session and I updated the video driver to the latest version (obtained from Intel® Download Center):


      When I updated the driver the signal came back. However after I rebooted the NUC I had the same problem again. The only way to get the video signal to come back is to go into the Device Manager through remote desktop and disable/enable the video driver. Once the video signal is back the monitor can go into power save mode and I can restore it by moving the mouse or pressing a key. But if I reboot, it's the same all over again... I'm at a loss. Any ideas?