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    DP45SG showing Intel Q9650 2.4Ghz instead of 3.0Ghz?



      Hi Intel Support Team


      This is my Second Board which came in warranty from Intel and right now i am getting this bl**** error which dosent make any sense to me

      I am using the Intel Q9650 on its Default settings and for the last 2 days the board is showing me 2.4Ghz instead of 3.0Ghz, so regardless i have go in BIOS and change the setting to Default (as they r already on Default settings) and restart the PC, then it show me 3.0Ghz again why the h*** it happend i am so much getting Fedup now how many time i have to send this *** **** board in warranty back is there any answer for it i thought tht the latest BIOS for this board which is 118 should resolved the issues but it seems none to solve can any one help me out for this from Intel?

      see the images below as well which i have taken using the CPU-IDz software

      wait for ur reply