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    Best way to connect and communicate between two Edisons


      Can someone tell me the best method to connect two Edisons together and send data between them?

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          I don't think your question can be answered high level - you'd have to provide more details on what you try to achieve. Some questions which jump in my mind:


          what do you mean by "connect"?

          • physically:
            • Ethernet? (e.g. via USB dongle) - works fine
            • WiFi? works fine
            • WiFi direkt? -> should work as well
            • Bluetooth 2.1?
              • various protocols supported (e.g. RFCOMM, probably also PAN)
            • Bluetooth LE?
              • also several protocols should  be supported
            • will both Edisons be on the same network?
            • will both Edisons be connected to the internet?
            • peer to peer connection or broadcasting?
          • SW wise:
            • on Arduino or on the underlying Linux?
            • serially?
              • e.g. Bluetooth RFCOMM should work
            • scp? works fine
            • sftp? should work as well
            • nfs mount? (haven't tried on E yet)
            • sshfs mount? (haven't tried on E yet)
            • sockets?
              • ipv4
              • ipv6 (my preference if supported by hardware like router ...)
            • websockets? - work fine
            • via in between server / Cloud (e.g. RESTful API)  -> allows data exchange also for Edisons in various networks

          what do you mean by "send data"?

          • what kind of data?
          • amount of data?
          • reliable / unreliable? (e.g. if you have to decide between TCP, or UDP respectively)
          • singular data exchange or continuously?
          • unidirectional or bidirectional?
          • is it only about moving over data or about producer/consumer pattern?
          • asynchronously or synchronously?

          what latency do you expect?