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    Cannot ID my Intel Mobo


      Hi guys,

      I'm having a little problem identifying my motherboard. On the motherboard it states"Intel D850MV / D850EMV2". Now I browsed Intel's catalog and there are drivers for D850MV and D850EMV2, but not D850MV/D850EMV2.

      This motherboard came with my Gateway PC purchased on April, 2003, and that leads me to believe my motherboard is D850EMV2 (I checked manuals for their releas dates - D850MV - 2001 and D850EMV2 - 2003).

      Anyways, my question is - What is the difference between D850MV and D850EMV2? And why two different model numbers are listed on one motherboard? Is D850EMV2 just an upgraded version of D850MV? Or a successor overD850MV?