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    Intel RST troubleshooting


      I own an Asus S550cb laptop which comes with 500 GB HDD and a 24 GB SSD, a series 7 chipset. The operation system (Windows 8.1) used the SSD for caching through the Intel RST.
      I had to reistall Windows and now I am trying to install the Intel RST again and use the SSD for caching as it used to be, but the RST software won't let me. There is no "Accelerate" button avaliable. After searching Google for couple of hours and trying different guides, still can't get it to work. Here is what I did:
      1. On the Itel site it's told that the SATA should be on RAID mode but my HDD only has AHCI, which is still supported by an older version of the RST software - version 12.9. So my SATA is on AHCI mode.
      2. The SSD should be unlocalised, which it is.
      3. In guides it was told to shrink the last localised volume a bit (in my case D: ) and it didn't help.


      I'm pretty much out of options.
      I have read that one guy had to remove his SSD physically, install Windows, connect it again, and it worked for him.
      I want to use this option as my last one, because it's a laptop and I don't want to open and and to screw things up.
      I have contacted Asus in my country and they said that I have to send them the laptop for them to do the job, and I don't want to do that.


      Please help me.