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    VisionBot SMD Pick and Place machine to assembly PCBs




      I am Alexandru and I am a maker. Right now I am trying to build VisionBot which is a Surface Mount Technology assembly shooter that can be used to place SMD chips onto Printed Circuit Boards. Practically the Vision Bot machine will enable electrical engineers, hackers and makers just like me to manufacture electronic devices in their garage. VisionBot is still in the beta testing and in a few months it will be available to the makers through a crowd-funding platform. Using advanced Computer Vision and computing power provided by Intel, VisionBot is avoiding electronical waste and is professionally assembling Printed Circuit Boards.


      VisionBot will enable the dream of many makers who want to turn their homemade prototypes into industrial products. For more details access www.visionbot.net


      VisionBot Pick and Place machine robot to assembly electronic printed circuit boards to make electronic devices from computers to gadgets_logo.jpg



      Do you have any questions about my project?