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    HD 4400 blurry text/jagged - help!!




      I made the mistake of buying 4 NUCs.


      NUC D54250WYK and the i3 Version.


      I have 2 different types of monitors and the same problem on each. Blurry jagged text. The below photo is a good example of this (from web)


      Monitor is a VX279 27" (the newest).


      I have tried:


      - installed the latest graphics drivers

      - switched 'smooth' font on and off via control panel/setting

      -tried different displayport and HDMI cables (Startech & C2G 1.4)

      -tried custom resolution of 1920 x 1080 - no help.

      - tried Graphics Drivers — Text Characters are Blurry



      the HDMI cable connection detects the monitor as a 'Digital Television VX279'. The Displayport detect monitor as 'Digital Display VX279'.


      - I have read tons of stuff on this forum to do with overscan being on. I have tried sliding them to 0, but doesn't help. Although given the screen gets so small it's hard to tell.


      I don't have this issue when connecting both monitors to AMD/Nvidia graphic card (Nvidia GTX 970 & ATi 8510G)


      Someone help please, save my eye sight!!


      thank you.




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          Hi Zak


          Could you attach the DXDiag report for your system to this thread?




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            HI Robert, attached -  many thanks in advance.



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              Hi Zak


              Thanks for getting the report. Everything looks fine in the report.

              Did you run the ClearType Tuner? Make text easier to read using ClearType - Windows Help

              What do you have the display setting for Desktop items set too? (Right click desktop, click Personalize, click Display)




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                Hi Robert,


                Yes I tried Cleartype On, tuned and Off. Much worse with ClearType Off.


                Settings for Desktop items are:


                "Smaller" and tick for "let me choose one scaling for all my displays".


                I have tried medium. Not much difference.

                Note that desktop items are fairly clear. However, Windows Explorer. Dialogue boxes, Internet Explorer, Office Programs e.g. Calibri in Word are awful.


                I don't think I have a defective unit, as all 4 NUCs behave in same way. A Gigabyte NUC I have with ATi 8510G does not show blurred/jagged text when used with 2 different monitors.



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                  This is definitely a strange one. I am running a couple of NUC's, including a  D54250WYK, and the text looks perfect. I do not have that particular display though. I will see if I can locate one and do some testing.

                  You mentioned other displays have the issue as well.. could you post the model numbers of the displays you have tested?





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                    HI Robert, that would be great if you could do some testing. I no longer have the second screen here, but I believe it was also an Asus - a recent model.


                    I connected the NUC to an LG 47LM660T Television. I had similar fuzzy text. However, as soon as I disabled the overscan, the text was perfect! (I think 'just scan' is what LG calls it)


                    What was interesting was the similarity in the fuzzy text on the TV and the Asus HDMI monitor. The artefacts and the jagged text were very similar on both screens.


                    Also, it might be worth reading this thread HDMI poor quality displaying text compared to DVI - Although the thread moves on to mention TVs, there is some reference to scaling/scanning. Although this could all be a red herring! I'm no expert on all this by any means.


                    thank you.

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                      HI again Robert,


                      Did a few more tests. I can confirm that the NUC is okay with my DELL U2410. This has a resolution of 1920 x 1200. The text is very sharp.


                      The only difference I noticed was that the DELL shows up under device manager, whilst the Asus VX279 shows as a "generic pnp monitor2. I checked the Asus site and there are no specific monitor drivers available for 8.1. Windows update does not come back with any drivers.


                      Perhaps the weirdness is here somewhere. The Asus VX279 works great with another Windows 8.1 PC via HDMI, just not the NUC. On the other hand, the DELL U2410 works fine with the NUC along with other 8.1 PC.

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                        Hi Zak


                        Thanks for the additional information. Have you tried adjusting the image quality settings of the VX279 listed on page 32 of the VX279 Users Guide? (Attached to this thread)

                        Also, did you use the same HDMI cable on the Intel NUC system and the other Windows 8.1 PC?

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                          HI Robert,


                          thanks for the reply.


                          Yes, I tried adjusting monitor settings. It made a tiny difference, but nothing substantial. For example, selecting 'sRGB' helped a little, but doesn't resolve the problem. I also tried 'overscan' within the Asus menu but didn't help.


                          Yes, I was sure to use the same cables for the NUC as well as the same Windows 8.1 PC. In fact, I got so curious, I wiped the Gigabyte NUC I have (Ati 8510g) and loaded the exact same version of windows, but no difference. The blurred text doesn't manifest itself on the Gigabyte NUC. But does on the Intel NUC.


                          thank you.

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                            have you checked the Control Panel 3D Settings tab to see if Conservative Morphological AntiAliasing is enabled? if that is on, it may cause fuzziness in many applications;  it should only be turned on before launching a game where you want to use it, then play the game, then turn it off.