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    Does Intel P45 chipset support FIS-based port-multipliers?


      Hello, having read various pre-release announcemets on the Internet about P45 (codename: Eaglelake) I was under the impression that it supports FIS-based port multipliers (instead of just command-based). Recently, however, I read regarding the upcoming P55 chipset that among its new features is support for FIS-based PMPs on two SATA ports. Does that mean that P45 never supported FIS based PMPs?

      After much searching, the only place where port multiplier support is mentioned on the Intel website is here: http://www.intel.com/design/chipsets/matrixstorage_sb.htm and it doesn't mention FIS.

      Since FIS-based PMPs is something I will probably be using in the future as my hard drive needs expand, can somebody tell me with certainty whether my P45 motherboard can support them?