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    MRAA SPI C Example


      Hi I'm trying to run the 7219 example

      mraa/spi_max7219.c at master · intel-iot-devkit/mraa · GitHub


      I've update eclipse with 5.4.138 from



      And I've run

      echo "src intel-iotdk http://iotdk.intel.com/repos/1.1/intelgalactic" > /etc/opkg/intel-iotdk.conf

      opkg update

      opkg upgrade


      on my edison and rebooted. When debugging the program it fails at

          mraa_spi_write_word(spi, 0x0900);  // Do not decode bits

      with a total failure I can't debug.


      Is there anything I am missing or haven't updated? I think I should be able to run examples pretty easily so I must have missed something.