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    DG45ID Desktop board broken?


      I got a DG45ID desktop board along with a Core 2 Duo E8400 CPU and 4GB memory. Everything worked fine with my PCI-E video card, but somewhy my computer wouldn't even launch with a PCI video card. So i downloaded and installed the BiOS update from the download center, and the chipset update. But after those updates, the PCI card still wasnt working, and my computer still couldnt turn on with it. Then i thought the PCI slot was defective, so i tried

      a PCI card which has USB extensions. The computer didnt even bot up with it either. After i pulled it out, I was never able to start up my computer again.


      I am now running the board outside of the chassis with just the bare essentials (Power, 1 memory module, CPU, and CPU cooler)

      When i press the power button here is what happens:

      Power supply fan starts to spin. CPU cooler fan starts to spin. The front panel light is on. I have a DVI cable plugged into it and my monitor, but it never shows anything. I tryed clearing the CMOS by taking out the battery. I tried using the recovery method with a USB Flash stick. I tried putting the memory module in all the 4 slots. Nothing helped yet.

      I have 2 power supplies 250W and 500W (either supply has the same outcome: Nothing happens)


      Any other suggestions?

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          well a little update: I tried the recovery method with a different USB stick, and with a CD, still nothing

          My motherboard does beep 3 times when there is no Memory modules (Which its supposed to do if there arent any)

          And i am going to try to keep the battery out for the night, and then try again in the morning.