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    SMART harddisk information abscent with RAID controller


      I occasionally experience HD problems. I have downloaded various harddisk monitoring tools e.g. the Hard Disk Sentinel 2.90 and tested it on a PC with a Intel DX48BT2 motherboard (X48 express chipset) using Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit.

      The system is configured with 4 HDs in a RAID 10 configuration. However, it appears that no individual HD information becomes available.

      The same problem applies to a PC with Intel  D955XCS motherboard (955X express chipset).

      According to Hard Disk Sentinel the problem is related to Intel deficiencies lacking the capability of detecting and displaying all hard disks configured into RAID arrays!


      "3ware / AMCC / Areca cards have a special function which allows to get
      more information compared to other RAID controllers.
      But other controllers (ITE, Promise, Adaptec, Intel, JMicron, Silicon Image, Dell, etc...)
      does not have this feature, that's why no information is displayed.
      Please ask the manufacturer about why this feature is missing from their controller."


      Is this the truth or can something be done here?


      Torsten Leth Elmkjær

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          This is a known limitation there is nothing you can do about.


          The only way to check S.M.A.R.T. Values from time to time is set SATA mode back to IDE/SATA and using a boot CD/disk to look at the S.M.A.R.T. Then change SATA mode back to RAID. I myself have done this.

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            I don't mean to double post, but there are two very similar threads, and I want to bring this discussion back into the spotlight.

            Here is my situatuion : I was handed custody of 25 video servers,  all running RAID 10 with Intel Matrix Storage Technology. The way I  understand this, this "software" solution has absolutely no alert  mechanism, email capability, over-the-network reporting or anything at  all, short of VNCing into each individual machine to see drive healh ???  I tried a third party product that suited my needs exactly, but after a  long troubleshoot, I stumbled upon CS-015002, which basically says that  you can't use a third-party solution to monitor SMART and that's that.  Can anyone please confirm the above statement is correct ? Before I go  balistic and start firing people for choosing retarded technological  solutions, I want to get my facts straight.


            Thanks y'all !


            Angry Marty

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              Fact is...what do you expect? The RAID is on board its not a fully hardware type RAID if Intel added a way to see SMART no one would buy their hardware RAID cards which cost a lot and that is why people go for this RAID, you work out the cost of a RAID card per server and it will add up.


              Someone has posted 3rd party tool that can email you if a drive drops out somewhere on here if thats all you need.

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                Thanks for the answer, that's exactly the blunt stuff I needed to hear. The bottom line for me is that someone went out of their way to screw my customer out of a professional, reliable system... I understand Intel's software solution for at home user, or non task critical machines, but in this case there is no doubt the use would have justified the cost of RAID hardware. Retrofit now will be even more costly.

                I will scavenge to find this tool you speak of, it will be a temporary fix...


                Thanks !

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                  Retrofit now will be even more costly.


                  If it was done right adding a raid card would be about £200/$280 adding the cost per system so would you or your customers pay that if it was already setup like that? but retrofitting a system will mean a complete redone of the array and OS unless thats on a single disk.


                  Just in case you couldn’t find it here's the link to that tool.


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                    Awesome of you to post that link. Couldn't find it right away.

                    Well, I'm currently costing the operation of reinstalling the whole mess with RAID hardware. I see cards along your numbers, I think the budget can manage. It's the downtime that's going to be the end of me . To do all 25 within 48 hours will be interesting...


                    Thanks for your insight, very much appreciated.