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    nuc34010 boot problems


      Hi everybody,

      i've bought 2 intel 34010 with Kingston SSD 120GB (sv300 tested for compatibilty) and crucial 4GB Ram Sodimm 1.35V 1600. The ram module is not tested for compatibility, but i've used it in 7 previous 2820 Nuc without any kind of problem. Now, in 34010 i've installed the latest Bios (35), Windows 7 PRO 32 bit and latest drivers, but occasionally i've problems on boot: it stops on boot of windows (the light of the hard drive activity remains fixed on). It happens, occasionally, on both the NUC34010 and, rebooting the system, it restart to work fine. Can be a memory problem? What kind of test can i do?


      thanks for the answers