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    segfault at 0 ip null sp error 4 in libc 2.15 so




      I am trying to run an application on DK 100 board.

      When I was trying to run the HelloWorld program, the application was giving signature error to run.

      So, I resolved this issue with applying signature on binary file.

      Now the same thing I tried with a new aplication called "aegisapp". This application uses one DLL file also.

      So, I made the signature for both to run on DK-100. I got the success to run the application, but it is being crashed somewhere with the message saying:

      segfault at 0 ip a9686bfe  sp a9612d50 error 4 in libc 2.15 so



      I am attaching the SCREEN SHOT of the above mentioned problem also.


      Can anyone help me out to resolve this issue.