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    Q9550 Temperature... too hot?


      Hey, I recently purchased and installed a Q9550 processor into my desktop and it appears to be running a little on the hot side.


      My case has a large 30cm diameter fan on the side (http://i32.tinypic.com/2jbmsjo.png) and 2 normal sized fans on the back.

      I'm using the heatsink/fan which came with the retail version and some arctic silver 5 thermal compound. I would like to point out that I originally used the heatsink with the compound it already had on. Before I used the arctic silver 5 compound the temperatures where 5 degrees higher.


      My idle temperatures are:

      Core 1: ~55C

      Core 2: ~50C

      Core 3: ~50C

      Core 4: ~52C


      However, when playing Unreal Tournament 3, the temp of Core 1 hits 90C with ease.

      To read these temperatures I'm using Everest Ultimate Edition and SpeedFan. Both programs show the same temps so I'm confident they are accurate.


      Is this normal? It kinda worries me.