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    Tearing my hair out with Eclipse IoT for Galileo






      Hi guys I successfully created a project using the Arduino IDE which utilizes an number of sensors, sends the data to my web based API on my VPS and retrieves settings back to the board that turns various things on and off etc. When I found out about the Eclipse I was pretty excited as I figured I would be able to incorporate my A.I projects into the board but I cannot even get the basics working and wondered if I could get some help here after being unsuccesfull in the other forums. I have a few issues, one with the Arduino IDE and the rest with Eclipse and hope I can get these resolved quickly I have wasted days being stuck on this.


      Issue 1: Arduino IDE

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      As the post explains no matter what I do running the web server sketch gives me


      server is at
      subnet mask
      gateway IP
      dns server IP
      server is at


      Issue 2: Eclipse IDE

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      Creating and duplicating projects fail miserably, I am new to using the Eclipse IDE and very very stuck.


      Issue 3: Http Requests


      I have begun to recreate my project that I created on the Arduino IDE (The TechBubble LinGalileoSecurity) by just editing the Analog mraa example as I really am being held up by not being able to recreate a new project, but have hit another roadblock, I have searched and searched but cannot find a way of send and recieving data by http requests or similar, the project requires sending data to my API homed on my VPS and updating the database with this data then returns a json array of data that tells the board to turn things on and off etc. Please can someone help out with these issues as I am losing faith quickly. Appreciate any help at all from you guys and look forawrd to learning what I need to learn and moving on.