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    NUC D54250WYBH Boot Issue


      Hello All,


      I recently bought a D54250WYBH to basically use as a media center for Plex Server. The system worked great for about 2 weeks but for the past 2 weeks (its only about a month old) I literally cannot get the machine to boot. I've tried 3 different hard drives that I know work, one being an SSD. This is getting extremely frustrating because I've spent a lot of time and work/money to get these thing going for my media center and it has been nothing but problems for me lately. I am thinking there are some issues with the SATA cables that are causing this issue. I am able to boot into the BIOS, which I have updated, I have tested multiple hard drives that I know work, and I still get the Intel Boot Agent every single time. I've been doing some research and see that other people are experiencing similar issues to mine. Can anyone help? I am extremely frustrated. I am running Windows 7 Pro if that helps or makes any difference.