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    After regular shutdown - Intel 82579LM - This device cannot start. (Code 10)


      Hi guys,

      Sorry that I create new post but this thread (Intel 82579LM - Error code 10) is little bit different cause LcsFletcher have different problem.


      On my motherboard Intel DX79SI, there are 2 adapters. Intel 82574L and problematic Intel 82579LM.

      Newest bios 0650 and network driver Intel 82579LM - PROWinx64_19.5


      After boot of machine from poweroff state (not unplugged cable just normal Shutdown in Windows), the adapter is in warning state with error "This device cannot start. (Code 10)".


      Not very nice workarounds:

      • When I uninstall 82579LM as device from device manager and rescan devices, card is installed again and everything is OK and it continue work properly.
      • Another method is not to shutdown PC, just reboot machine and adapter is OK.
      • Disable adapter and enable it from device manager works.


      I tried without succesfull:

      • uninstall with driver and install drivers again
      • disabling Windows to manage powerstate
      • unplug all devices (Nvidia 560TI and Adaptec 5405 raid) boot without them ....
      • resetting CMOS by F9 in Configuration state
      • unplug battery for bios....
      • older and new Intel proset drivers included Microsoft default driver from 2013
      • NVM Update Utility for Intel 82579V  - not works for that adapter
      • Windows Safe mode and .... same operations
      • Finally also reinstalled Windows - same problem


      So finally, my adapter is in bad state with Error Code 10 only after boot from shutdown (not reboot)

      This is strange, cause I used it for 2 years without this issue.


      Masters, I am at the end of my knowledge and google does not help. Pleeeeease .....