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    Boot NUC with IR sensor


      Hi I’m new to this this forum and I have a NUC question I hope someone know the answer to.

      Sorry for my bad use of the English language, I’m not native English speaker.


      I have a NUC DN2820FYKH that Boots when I press the power button om my remote control (IR MCE)

      And I have a Medion Akoya S1500 D, It looks identical to DN2820FYKH and cannot boot from my remote control (IR)


      I see no big difference in hardware 


      What I do see is that the DN2820FYKH has an intel visual bios and the Medion a american megatrends bios

      And if I plugin the power cord on the DN2820FYKH is see a faint light burning and on the Medion not


      - How can I see if it’s the same motherboard?

      - Same IR sensor integration?

      - Can I flash the  intel visual bios on this machine?


      Sadly there is not a lot of technical info on the Medion Akoya S1500 D online