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    SN is not working as p/w for access point


      I just got my Edison Breakout board, and have been playing around with it.  Already updated the firmware to 1.6.1 (I believe, whatever the latest is).


      I held the PWR button for 3 seconds to put it into AP mode.  The LED on the board starts blinking, and I can see the 'Edison1' wifi network on my laptop (Win7).


      I connect to it, and enter the long SN on the box for the password, but after ~15 seconds, it comes back with a 'Network security key mismatch', and does not connect to the network.


      I tried all caps, all lower, changing the zeros for letter Os, etc.


      If I had the box in this guide, https://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-23137

      I would have entered: FZED443D000ZB501  (all zero's, no letter O's)  My serial is the same format, just a bit different, obviously.


      Is there something I'm doing wrong?  Thanks.


      Edit: Is there a way to change the network key through the Terminal?  This may eventually go into small scale production, and keeping a SN aligned with each module would be... difficult.