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    DX79TO BIOS POST error code 5A




      About a week ago my monitor started going on standby at different times. The only way to wake it up, was to switch power off at the wall and back on again, then restart the computer. It started getting worse until Thursday when nothing I did could wake up the monitor. There were no POST error codes or beeps, the pc worked fine except for the monitor going on standby. On Friday I tried again by switching the power off and on and starting the pc, and now suddenly I get BIOS POST error code 5A, 2 long beeps, a pause and 2 long beeps again. Then the POST carries on and stops at 5b (or S6 or Sb). It is not clear since the monitor does not come on, I can only see the code on the motherboard's display.


      I bought a new monitor and connected it to the pc with the same result. I removed all RAM modules and tried different modules in DIMM 1 slot, still the same. Removed one by one the sound card, removed Graphics card, removed all SATA devices: 2 x DVD-Roms and 3 x HDD and 1 x SSD. (one by one and all together). Tried a CMOS reset (removed battery for 20 minutes) and BIOS recovery (removed jumper, restarted, replaced jumper and restarted)


      I will be borrowing a Graphics Card from a friend tomorrow to test the card, but since I get the same error code even with the card removed, I do not have high hopes.


      Could the cause be a faulty motherboard or CPU and how will I check this without buying new ones (unnecessarily like the monitor)


      There has been no changes to hardware, programs or applications. This PC has been the same for 2 years, except the replacement of a faulty Graphics card more than 6 months ago.


      Thank you for any help and advice



      Motherboard:     DX79T0 Lga 2011

      Chipset:           Intel core i7 2011

      RAM:               Kingston HyperX Predator 1866 (4 x 4gb)

      Graphics Card:  Gigabyte Radeon R9 290X Windforce

      HDD:               3 x Seagate 2 TB

      SSD:               1 x Intel SSD

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          Hello Spawn39, thank you very much for joining the Intel community.


          Thank for sharing all the troubleshooting you have performed in your system however you would please let me know which is the current BIOS version?

          Can you test the system using minimum configuration out of the chassis (motherboard, processor, one memory stick, video card and power supply)?


          It is important to mention that the memory you are using is out of specification since this processor supports memory speed up to 1600 GHZ.

          We recommend customers to use the correct memory on their system in order to avoid any problem on the future.  The use of memory out of specification could damage the processor. 

          Even though Intel makes unlocked and Extreme Series processors that are robust enough to handle customizations, Intel doesn't recommend over clocking any of their internal components (memory, video or CPU) and there is no warranty support for that practice.


          At this point the only way to find out if you have a defective motherboard or processor will be by installing a different component on the board for example and see if it boots up.



          If you are still having problems and you prefer replacing the motherboard, you can get in touch with our Warranty team   Contact Support     or submit a web ticket at the following URL Service Request Email



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            Hi sylvia,


            Thank you for the welcome note and the reply. Sorry I was unclear, but I did test it with minimum config with the same result. (Mb, 1 ram module, CPU, and graphics card)


            I bought the RAM the same day as the motherboard and did not realize the motherboard only supports up to 1600.

            However I must add I am not an overclocker, at all, and was running the RAM only up to 1600.


            Now the good news: I borrowed a graphics card from a friend, swapped them out and pc working perfectly. Swapped them again and bleep bleep bleep.....

            So in this case it was the graphics card that went bad.


            Must say the error code and bleeps were not what I would have expected with a graphics card issue.


            Kind regards