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    Centrino Advanced-n 6235 lag


      hi intel team, i want to tell you guys that this is your worse product. i mean, how did you even let laptop manufacturers use this wlan card. i mean seriously ? you never test your product ?


      now my problem is, i get 300 ms ping while playing league of legends, which is fustrating for a moba. i got 100 mb internet connection. with cable its just perfect, same game, 17 ms ping. first i thought it was the router. i changed the router, nothing changed still laggy. i loooked every kind of solution mentioned in the forums and stiill same. this drives me crazy. i paid 1000 € for a gaming laptop (samsung ativ book 8, win 7 64 bit, bluetooth disabled) and i cant even play games. recently i moved to another house, same ******* problem. i went to friends houses to try it out with their wifi, mine is just bad. its so bad that it gives me cancer.


      you should do something about this, give us better wifi cards for free. i dont know do something. this is sooo annoying. and new drivers wont solve anything. the hardware is just ****, admit it.