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    Intel Atom Baytrail heat related questions.


      I have a couple of questions about the Intel Atom Z3735G.


      1. In the data sheet, it says that the Tjunction max is at 105*C. Does this mean that the Chip will shut down to prevent damage at this temperature?


      2. The data sheet says 2.2 w @ 70*C. Does this mean the cpu will be at 70* c at 2.2w?


      3. The data sheet says the cpu will throttle itself at 100*C, but the bios may change the throttle set point to 90*C. The data sheet says this its not necessary, so will operating the cpu at 90*C hurt it?


      4. Under load, such as playing a 3d desktop game on my Z3735G, the cpu temp increases to about 58*C. Is this too hot for the chip, or is it a safe temperature?


      5. Will operating the cpu at 58*C for about an hour kill a transistor, and what would happen if a transistor failed in a cpu or graphics core?