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    Beginners rapid prototyping coding suggestion with Edison and HID device output?


      Dear Community,


      I'm a beginner and accepted the following challenge against the tech guy on my team:

      Who builds the prototype more rapidly? I chose Edison because of the integrated connectivity options and because I can miniaturize the prototype later easier. My challenger (Arduino Expert) will work on Arduino Due and some shields.


      The task is to get a rapid prototype that reads barcodes and displays the data. (Details below)



      This is the hardware I want to use:

      • Edison with Arduino Board
      • Vibration Motor, Buzzer, LED and LCD from the Grove Starter Kit Plus with the Grove Base Shield
      • Barcode Reader (USB)





      I got the barcode reader already working on the USB host with Yocto as a HID and cat /dev/hidraw0 delivers the output of the tag as keystrokes:





      Example with two tags scanned in a row:


      (I can configure how the keystroke is delivered/formatted on the reader itself)



      Part 1 is to achieve the following:

      Each time a tag is scanned (new keystroke), display the tag on the LCD, beep&vibrate and blink the LED.


      Where would you start? Arduino, Python, node.js, MRAA with bash script?

      I would prefer Arduino but don't know how to get the input from the scanner working within the Arduino environment. However, as I'm a beginner and start from scratch I'm open to all options.


      Part 2 is to:

      Send the tag over WiFi to a platform and write it into a log file (you should be able to watch the log in "real-time", so without refreshing the page manually).


      Any suggestions how to achieve this? There are so many platforms out there right now. A very simple log-style data collection that you can observe in real-time from your browser would be sufficient.


      Let's go - Thanks for your help guys and have a nice weekend!