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    Intel Desktop Board D2500CC won't shut down


      Intel board


      Model D2500CC


      BOARD VERSION AAG43156-302


      It doesn't matter if I push the button or use Windows shut down, about the time the fans stop spinning, it restarts. I've up dated the BIOS. Installed the latest drivers, I tried removing every else except what's needed, I tried another power supply, I tried the Windows NT regedit. Nothing works. The only way to shut it down, besides pulling the power cord, is wait for it restart, then push and hold the power button.    


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Hello Blufx, thanks for joining the Intel Community.

          I would need to get some information on your system in order to find out what is causing this behavior.



          How long ago did you start getting this issue?


          Could you please provide me the system configuration?

          Motherboard BIOS version:

          Memory model number:

          Video card:

          Any PCI devices:

          Hard drives:


          Have you tried to do a clear CMOS removing the battery?


          Can you test the system using minimum configuration out of the chassis (motherboard, processor, one memory stick, video card and power supply)?