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    Intel HD 4400 slow rendering in Matlab Simulink


      I'm experiencing an issue with Matlab Simulink (was tested on both Matlab R14 and 2008) and Intel HD 4400. When opening a large Simulink model (with many blocks and ports), its rendering takes unreasonable amount of time and whilst scrolling both down and up, the model get re-rendered all over again all the time.


      The interesting part is that I also tested it on Intel HD 2500 and Intel HD 3000. The problem occurs on both of those as well but only with drivers version 9 and up (presumably - I haven't tested all versions). When using old drivers e.g. or or "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter", everything is absolutely fine. The model gets loaded at once, scrolling is absolutely smooth. Since as far as I know no version 8 drivers are suitable for Intel HD 4400, I was unable to test this on this newer GPU.


      This also does not concern just one model. I don't think it's a matter of OpenGL acceleration or anything (or poor hardware specs), because the same model can be opened without any problems on 3-4 years old PCs but just not on the new ones with the new drivers. Needless to state that using Intel drivers or drivers directly from PCs manufacturer (all PCs are Dell) doesn't change anything and that there's enough RAM and HDD Storage free. I also tried disabling Aero, UAC, Superfetch, Antivirus, lowering resolution (and so on) and reinstalling OS.


      So I presume it's something in Intel graphics drivers themselves that makes the difference.


      I'm able to reproduce the issue on both Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit (fresh systems) on various PCs configurations as long as there's Intel HD with driver version 9 or newer installed.


      I'd be very grateful for any ideas on how to make this work on Intel HD 4400.