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    Reinstall or repair Intel HD graphics driver


      I have a Lenovo Ideapad Z710 running Windows 7 Ultimate. Windows was on my request installed by the vendor, bought end-July 2014.

      A month later a vertical blue line appeared on the screen immediately at start and before Windows starts up. When Windows runs, the line can be seen only against a black or very dark background (and then is a little thinner).

      I have reason to believe that the Intel graphic driver may be damaged in the software and would like to perform a repair install or reinstall the driver.

      Today I attempted to use Graphics Drivers — How to Identify Your Intel® Graphics Controller to get more data on the installation.

      It did not work, stopped with some failure indignation.

      After that the laptop does not start in normal mode any more!!!! It hangs with a black window when Windows is about to start.

      But is does start in safe mode.


      Can I in the safe mode do a reinstall or repair of the software?

      Maybe I have a driver version DRIVER VERSION: ???

      I tried to use the Novo button start in the laptop, but that did not help.



      This is strange! While writing this in my desktop, I left the laptop standing at the hangup with the black window. After MANY MINUTES Windows suddenly did start!!!

      Apparently the system has somehow repaired itself after a long time... I can anew boot into Windows normal mode!


      I now hesitate to try to identify the controller again... or I might have this problem anew...

      Yet I do want to try to repair or reinstall the driver in the hope of getting rid of that disturbing blue line,

      and appreciate your help.