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    using Edison as data logger - max write frequency/rate - whats the max temperature


      hello !

      please excuse my bad english, i´m from germany


      it could be interesing for me to use the edison board as data logger...

      i want to log the values from an analog pressure sensor...but it with very high frequency/rate !!!


      1 ) 50k samples per second or higher !

      where can i find an information what would be the maxiumum frequency/rate for writing analog value data ?

      writing could be on internal storage or an sd card module(which may not be fast enough)


      2) the temperature will be ~80 to 100 °Celsius

      the data sheet max temeprature is 40°C

      will the over-temperature cause instantly damage ?

      or is it maybe able to work for several hours...


      what is the main problem with temperature ? the "cpu" ?


      thanks for so far....