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    Dual Audio on NUC DN2820FYKH with Ubuntu 14.10




      I have a NUC Celeron 2820 running with Ubuntu 14.10 and just tried to get both Audio-out working at the same time, but no way...

      Is this a Hardware-problem? Soundmanager shows only one Device called "Intern Audio" in which i can chose Analog Stereo or HDMI. ( Pic2, the Drop-Menue is not open - no Pic possible )

      Even if i set the virtual "Simultaneous Output" in Paprefs i get only a 2. Version of the Out i set in Pavucontrol. So f.e. the Analog Stereo is "doubled". (see Pic1)

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          Hello MagnusMorn,

          Please remember that Intel does not test and validate our products on Linux, however we know that a lot of customer are using this OS successfully on NUCs and Intel Motherboards.

          I would recommend you to check if you are running the latest BIOS and latest graphics drivers on your system.

          Bear in mind that we only provided drivers for Windows operating systems, so it will be necessary to look for the specific drivers on a Linux community.