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    TSX-NI Still Enabled on recently built 4790K?


      Hello everyone,


      I am working on a PC and noticed the TSX instruction is still listed under CPU-Z. According to Intel this should have been disabled by the manufacture with updated microcode.  The revision on the microcode in the bios is 06C319 dated 2/26/14. I went the the motherboard manufacture site ASUS and download the latest bios which was released a couple of days ago to support the upcoming broadwell cpu. I updated the bios and no microcode update for his 4790k was applied. I looked at the new bios using Aptio tool and there is no newer code in the bios. I believe there were two updates for haswell cpu's the first code update was 06C31A and then 06C31C. Can someone tell me if I am correct in stating ASUS should have updated the code to disable this instruction? Also if the two latter versions I listed are correct? I looked everywhere for a errata change log but can not find it on this site. 


      Thank you for any help with this...