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    Request LAN test on NUC DN2820FYK


      Hey everyone, I'm looking to build a small NAS for video streaming and torrent downloading. The internet bandwidth I have access to is 1Gbps so I need to know how fast the nic is. I know it won't go to 100%, maybe not even to 80% but I'd settle for a steady 60% of 1Gbps(~75MB/s). The setup I have in mind is the cheapest Intel NUC with a 30GB mSATA SDD (or equivalent 2.5" SDD if it's supported), 2 or 4 GB of RAM and an attached USB drive (Samsung M3 1TB?). If it comes with wifi preinstalled I'll take it off as I don't need it. The NUC will be directly wired to the R7000 router with a cat5e/cat6 cable.


      Right now I'm using a thinkpad t40 for the job and it started acting up. I really like to think the NUC has a good gigabit NIC and a CPU that can keep up.



      I. Radu