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    DG33SXG2 Board compatibility


      I have a Gateway PC with a  DG33SXG2 Moherboard with a Q6600 quad processor.  Is it difficult to find info about this motherboard anywhere on the net.  I want to upgrade the chip to a QX9650.  Does anyone know if it will work the DG33SXG2 motherboard?  thanks.

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          I think that the best thing to do is to contact Gateway Customer Support.




          I dont know anything on this motherboard as it is an OEM board.


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            New on Ebay for $90.00 or Skyline Engineering for $129.00.  Just replaced old board with the new one from Ebay works great.  Note I am running Windows 7.  Good luck.

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              Baemanuel:  I see your post about a new DG33SXG2 on ebay or skyline engineering.  What did you replace it with?  I see Intel Quads but they seem to vary in price and description.  What would I be looking for?  I have a Gateway GT5628 and the motherboard has a component that is not compatible with Win7.  Is it hard to replace a motherboard?  If I keep spending money, I could just buy a new computer.

              This is what a scan says I have The above model with 2 quad dpuQ6600 @ 2.4oGHz Cpu Socket socket 775 LGA.

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                I have this same board.

                A quad CPU 2.4 giga hertz.

                I have upgraded to windows 7 from windows vista, both home premium.

                Now it is saying that I can not install the drivers for Intel management engine interface. I have downloaded this driver and attempted to install it, but It simply refuses to install it.

                Also, I do not have drivers for   " PCI simple communication controller" I have tried to download drivers for this and it installs, later I go back to it and it says none are installed.

                I like a fast computer and that is why I bought this one.

                Fewer hours waiting mean more hours doing.

                My performance rating on the CPU and memory after I installed windows 7 were both rated at: 7.1, now they are 4.3 and 5.0.

                I put in a VelociRaptor drive in to speed up the hard drive. and it is the slowest part of the system.

                This western digital hard drive is supposed to have 3 gbs transfer speed, but it is just slightly faster than the stock hard drive.

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                  I have a Gateway GM5643E with the same motherboard the DG33sxg2 with a Quad core 6600 and I would like to upgrade my videocard and my memory to DDR3 memory bars and a DDR3 videocard. But I don't know if the motherboard can run DDR3 since there are DDR2 bars inside it at the moment and my videocard is a MSI NX8600GT working on DDR2. I can't find anything on the net that tells me if this board can run on DDR3...Thank you in advance