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    I require assistance with Driver Updating


      Using the i5 4440 x64 - HD Graphics 4600


      So, this PC has a Factory edited Driver, since I bought it already-built, and the driver they had is pretty terrible, 2 years old.

      So I decided to update to a Generic one, to be up to date.

      I followed the steps, but I'm stuck in "find ighdl.INF", because when I click the Graphics folder while in "Browse..." it only shows me languages, and if I drag the ighdl to the desktop, "Browse..." doesn't find it either, here's some images so you can understand better my problem:




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          You will need the ighd.SYS file.  Drivers are stored in the SYS files and the INF file is for build and revision information.  The icon for the file should look like this sys-104.png.


          Locate the file, than go to Device Manager, and select (Double Click) the device you want to update the drivers for.  Go to the 'Driver' tab and select 'Update Drivers'.  Then select 'Browse my computer for driver software', and navigate to the folder with the sys file and hit next.  If the driver in the folder is newer that the current installed one, it will update it and may tell you to reboot.  If it is older, it will skip it and inform you as such.  Alternatively, on the 'Browse for driver software' window instead of selecting 'Browse' you can select the lower option 'Let me pick for a list' and the select 'Have Disk'.  Navigate to the .INF File and click 'OK', and in the window it will show you all the applicable drivers for your device in that folder.  Then just select the one you want. Hope this helps

          ***Edit*** Misspoke typing folder instead of .INF File

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            Is that file supposed to be in the Graphics folder? Because I can't find it there.

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              It should be in there if you have the right driver pack. When updating drivers you don't to find the exact file, just point to the Folder it is in. I need a few more pieces of information to help you further. First, what is the model computer or motherboard and CPU (for custom builds)? Second, I am assuming by "Generic" you mean Intel's base drivers, if so did you get them from the Intel Downloads Center? Third, is your OS a 32 or 64-bit build? Lastly, what is the driver you have now, and who is it from?

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                @ Sabashton


                Follow these directions exactly to install the latest Intel HD Graphics driver.

                Download the zip version of the Intel HD Graphics driver here:


                32-bit:  http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=24594



                64-bit:  http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=24596



                Unzip the file to a folder on your desktop and follow these steps.



                1. Login with administrator privileges

                2. Open Control Panel

                3. Open Device Manager

                4. Click on "Display adapters"

                5. Double click "Intel HD Graphics"

                6. Click on the "Driver" tab

                7. Click on "Update Driver" button

                8. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software"

                9. Click on "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"

                10. Click on "Have Disk" button

                11. Click "Browse"

                12. Navigate to the folder that you unzipped the Intel HD Graphics driver to

                13. Navigate to the Graphics sub-folder

                14. Double click the igdlh64.inf or igdlh.inf file <-- depends on if you have 32 or 64 bit OS

                15. Click "OK"

                16. Click "Next", Driver should now be installing.

                17. If successful, click "Close", Reboot.




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                  Aye, it worked!

                  I was scared first because it said "Input not supported" and I simply shutted down and re-powered my Monitor

                  I didn't know I was supposed to extract the files to another folder, that's what had me delayed!


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                    Well, the New driver gave some of my games a lot of FPS reduction, with the 2013 Driver that game would run at 100fps and more, the new driver killed them to 40fps.

                    So I'm interested to see what happens with the 2014 Driver, but there's no ighdl64 in that one, there's a kit64ics, is that the same as the ighdl?