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    Is there a way to use USB A/B port as the Linux terminal port?


      I am using an Edison with the mini breakout board.  That board has one USB A/B connector and a second USB-B that serves as the Linux terminal.  The USB-B is really a UART plus a FTDI.  On the USB A/B port, I connect an OTG cable and a FTDI USB to RS-232 cable to generate my second UART port.  My two channel UART driver chip now has one unused output.  To summarize, I have a chip with a UART and a USB port and I am taking the UART port and making a USB port and taking the USB port and making a UART port.  This seems silly.


      What would be nice is to use the Edison UART 1 as a UART and use the USB-A/B as the control terminal for Linux.  I want to keep WiFi free for other things so do not want to use WiFi as the Linux terminal.