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    How to find out current build version of Edison's image and understand version numbers?


      Dear Community,


      a few questions regarding the images for Edison:

      1. How can I check which build version Edison is currently running on?
      2. How do I understand the version numbers of the images offered for download?
        • The download page just states "Yocto complete image" without date or further information
        • The file states "edison-image-ww05-15" but I was expecting something like "build 68"
      3. Where can I find the changelog for the current image?
      4. Is there a roadmap for the Edison image? Like what features are planned to be integrated and when?
      5. Where can I find pre-release versions of the image?
      6. Are there any images (or forks) being developed by the community?
      7. Right now the only thing I can update is the Yocto image, no other parts like the firmware of the platform?

      Thanks for your help!