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    Is it possible to update OpenGL for core-i3-370M with Win7-64bit?


      I need to run OpenGL version 3 or greater but can not find a video driver that has OpenGL greater than version 2.  I'm running on a Toshiba Portege R705-P35 laptop with Intel HD Graphics that appear to be built into the Intel Core i3 processor.  The processor is an i3-370M.  The operating system is Windows 7  SP1 64 bit.  We've won a 3D Systems Ekocycle Cube printer and the software to upload pats to the printer requires OpenGL V3 or better.


      Any help to identify a suitable driver would be greatly appreciated.  The Toshiba site's last video driver update was in 2010.  And Intel's site isn't clear that the drivers will work on my processor as I believe the i3-370M is a generation 1 device and I can only find generation 2 listed on the drivers page.  I assume the core device listed is for something like a core 2 dual etc.


      Also its very difficult to find out what version of OpenGL you are currently running.  The Intel Graphics Control Panel does not even list OpenGL.