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    ATX PSU Spec, clarification needed


        Myself and some fellow geeks have been havign a rather in depth discussion regarding power and computers, mainly dealing with the CPU.  Alot of the intel documaentation on power comes back to the ATX PSU design spec.  I read it and am confused on one part in particular.


      link to the doc is here:



      in figure 2.1 they show the load lines for different loads and show a drop in volts as Amp is reaised.  Question 1 is Amp or Icc Max a fixed number or will it increase/decrease as CPU requires?  If it is dynamic like this I read the chart in 2.1 to be a predetermined v drop as Amp increases.  If Amp (Icc) is fixed to whet the processor wants I take this chart to be the acceptable drop in v in respect to what Amps the processor requests (which would be a fixed number).


      To ask the question with an example.  Lets go with a Q6600 with a Icc Max of 100.  Is the 100Amp Icc at 100 all the time or under light load can Icc be 60, 80 or whatever Amps?


      If the Amp is constant then is the chart on 2.1 showing the acceptable drop in V at loght, typical and max load?


      If the Icc can change in normal operations is there a preprogrammed drop in v as Amps are increased and why?