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    Intel Graphics 4000 wont update


      Have here a HP pavilion G7 2247 with the icore 3 2.40 Ghz Processor.


      Well i've checked my windows update and it says there a update for my laptop graphics card intel 4000 but when i downloaded the update for windows 8.1 it is saying that the update is not compatible with my laptop, i know my stuff and i've been doing research on this,


      i downloaded the right update for this graphic card but its not runnable on my windows 8.1


      So just looking for the right update for this.


      my most current update right now is    Date:8/19/2013


      Looking for the most CURRENT update. Thank you.

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          Your system has an Intel HD Graphics driver that has been customized by HP specifically for your system. They usually add customization for docking behavior, power saving, display color and brightness settings, etc.

          You can however overwrite the customized drivers with the generic Intel HD Graphics drivers but you will lose any HP customizations to the driver. If you do want to install the generic driver, follow the following instructions exactly. If you are not happy with the updated driver you can always roll back to the HP customized driver or re-install the HP driver.


          Download the zip version of the Intel HD Graphics driver here:


          64 bit version


          32 bit version


          Unzip the file to a folder on your desktop and follow these steps.



          1. Login with administrator privileges

          2. Open Control Panel

          3. Open Device Manager

          4. Click on "Display adapters"

          5. Double click "Intel HD Graphics"

          6. Click on the "Driver" tab

          7. Click on "Update Driver" button

          8. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software"

          9. Click on "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"

          10. Click on "Have Disk" button

          11. Click "Browse"

          12. Navigate to the folder that you unzipped the Intel HD Graphics driver to

          13. Navigate to the Graphics sub-folder

          14. Double click the igdlh64.inf or igdlh.inf file <-- depends on if you have 32 or 64 bit OS

          15. Click "OK"

          16. Click "Next", Driver should now be installing.

          17. If successful, click "Close", Reboot.