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    Intel NUC DC53427HYE Monitor problems




      I have a display problem with my intel NUC. when i connect the NUC to a monitor(Acer H233H) with a HDMI cable the monitor will display ''no signal'' during the boot sequence, no intel logo or whatsoever

      however i fixed this by turning off the monitor before booting the NUC . however i have to do this every time i boot up the NUC.This only occurs when using HDMI, the Mini display works fine


      So i decided to update the drivers even the BIOS ones and still no luck. after that i tried switching monitors with a AOC one, the HDMI Connection had no problems there.

      When i connected my NUC to a different Acer monitor(S243HL) using HDMI, the Problem Reappeared.


      This is my third NUC i got from Intel and they all had the same problem.


      Any advice on this?


      Many thanks,