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    My S5520SC is a brick - again!


      Can someone please tell me what to check next.


      I've had my S5520SC system working, on and off, for a week now. Today it turned into a brick again.


      I was running the Intel RAID Web Console 2 application, and it was merrily initializing one of the volumes I created. After about 40 minutes I came back to check on things; the display was blank, and the fan on the graphics card was on full (something it's never done before). I turned off the system and when I turn it on the POST LEDs do not even light up, and the graphics card fan stays on high.


      During a normal POST the graphics card fan goes to high for a second, then switches to low. I cannot tell if this is a graphics card problem or something on the S5520SC, but the fact that the POST LEDs do not even light up indicates it is something very serious.


      Could someone please tell me what I can do next?


      Cheers, Eric