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    Eclipse + Mraa vs Arduino on a new PCB


      We recently got in our first home grown PCBs for the Edison. We have 5 LEDs using digital GPIOs and 4 using PWM. When everything is hosted on the Arduino breakout both C code developed on Eclipse and Arduino code work fine. When I put it on our PCBs nothing works at all from the C code, while the Arduino code works fine. Is there someway to spoof the Arduino breakout board in mraa_init() and other functions? Ie. mraa_pwm_init(3) crashes out on my PCB, but if there was something like a #define FORCE_ARDUINO_BOARD mraa would do the right thing since my designer aped the pinouts? I've used the mraa_pwm_init_raw to try to make sense of what is available using mraa but the pins that resolve (don't come back a null) are {0, 15 and 20} and they don't really mesh with emutexLabs handy Linux Pin/Arduino board Pin translation post.


      I have also sat in the shell trying to get echo/export in sys/class/gpio and sys/class/pwm