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    I need the Intel Edison Software stack more detail document


      How can I search the Edison software stack about more doc?

      is it supporting cloud service?

      something more information plz.


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          Can you elaborate on your questions?  I will try my best with what you asked.


          Edison Sofware Stack?

          • I'm not quite sure what you mean, there are many options when programming the Edison.  C/C++, Node.js and Python to name a few.  Your language of choice should depend on your application requirements.  There are many text editors and IDE's available for the programming languages mentioned above.  As far as documentation for programming the edison, obviously basic knowledge of programming is all you need to get started.  Without knowing what sensors/peripherals you are trying to work with on your project, it is difficult to direct you.  Look into the following:
            • Arduino - Edison is compatible with Arduino Sketches
            • C/C++ - Look into MRAA library
            • Python - Look into MRAA, Wiring-X86 libraries
            • Node.js - Look into Cylon.js, MRAA libraries


          Supporting Cloud Services

          • Since we are working on an operating system (Yocto/Ubilinux) depending on your flavor, as long as you have a connection to the internet/intranet, you can program the edison to communicate with cloud services.  There are many examples in python and node.js for connecting to many popular cloud services. 


          Again, the more specific you ask your questions, the more specific answers you will get.

          Good luck with your search,

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