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    Late 2014 Mac mini (Intel Iris Graphics 5100), monitor "out of range" error



      I have Mac mini 2014 with Intel Iris (5100) video card.

      Its connected to Nec PA272W monitor by mini DP cable to mini DP input of the monitor.

      On some occasions when I turn on my Mac mini or wake it from sleep mode the monitor displays „out of range” error (H 14.6 kHz /  V 59.9 Hz out of range).

      Why the video card is sending only 14.6 kHz for the horizontal refresh rate?


      The display is only able to see what the video card is pushing to it. Since I know the display is not having issues when connected to the 2009 Macbook Pro (GeForce card), I would like to know why this new machine is exhibiting this issue with its video output.


      Is it a known driver error with Display Port (Thunderbolt port)?



      It's the same with Windows 8.1 installed on this machine.