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    Intel I5 4210U thermal throttling?



      Recently I have encountered a serious problem with my laptop. Using my limited knowledge of computers I have found that the cause of this problem might be the CPU.

      The problem is the CPU throttling to about 800 MHz when it reaches a certain temperature (63-64 °C). This in turn makes the performance of the laptop so bad that it's unbearable.

      This only happens when I use the laptop to play games (I know that it's not really meant for that).

      I have found a way around this problem for some games using ThrottleStop, but for the majority of my games it doesn't work and the same problem persists (the frequency doesn't drop but the CPU usage does). It might also be a problem with the GPU as I've noticed the drop occurs when it also reaches 63-64 °C.

      Using ThrottleStop on the games that it does work on (e.g. Saints' Row IV) lets the temperatures exceed the 63-64 °C mark without a performance drop.

      The weird thing is that before I was able to play much more demanding games without this issue (e.g. Watch_Dogs, Shadow of Mordor, Grand Theft Auto IV etc.) and I'm pretty sure the temperatures were higher than 65°C. This issue also came out of nowhere one day without warning (after trying MGS:Ground Zeroes).

      I have tried to find a solution all over the internet, but it seems no one else has had this issue. I've also tried ThrottleStop and reinstalling Windows entirely (upgraded from 7 to 8), but the problem still persists and is annoying the hell out of me. The drivers are up to date.

      I hope you guys can help me.



      Laptop- Asus X550LN

      OS- Windows 8.1 PE(build 9200), 64bit

      CPU- ARK | Intel® Core™ i5-4210U Processor (3M Cache, up to 2.70 GHz)

      GPU- GeForce 840M | Specifications | GeForce

      RAM- 8Gb (bought +4Gb separate)

      BIOS- American Megatrends Inc. X550LN.301


      P.S. I still have an active warranty.